If you would like to nominate someone who is experiencing severe hardship to receive a gift box, please fill out the form below.

  • All nominations must state a reason in order for it to be considered. The following is a list of who the nominations are designed for:
    1. Death in the family
    2. Suffering from recent trauma or long-term illness
    3. Sudden onset of a serious illness
    4. Suffering loss due to environmental factors (e.g. flood, storm, fire)
    5. Victims of domestic violence
  • Someone from our administration team will contact you to confirm the nomination within 24 hours. We will then contact your nominee and provide a consent form.
  • We will notify you if your nominee chooses NOT to receive the gift box.
  • Our Administration team will contact nominees when their gift box is ready, to obtain delivery details.
  • We aim to provide 5-10 gifts boxes per month.

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